Meet Bunches! Bunches is a 2-year-old male rabbit that is full of spunk and energy. He loves to hop around his pen to munch on paper and hay. He is a very socialized rabbit and would make an excellent pet for someone interested in providing enrichment and continued socialization. Rabbits are intelligent creatures and actually require lots of attention! Bunches would be perfect for a family that wants a friendly rabbit to spend plenty of time playing and hand feeding to gain his trust.

Hawaiian Humane has a lot of small animals available for adoption, including other rabbits and guinea pigs. If you are interested in adopting, be sure to chat with Hawaiian Humane’s adoption representatives to learn more about appropriate care.

If you are ready to give Bunches a home, be sure to check out how to adopt on their website. Hawaiian Humane’s website updates all available animals in real-time, so you always know what animals are available when you visit. Be sure to check out all the great programs and services they have to offer while you’re there.