High School Football Championships triple-header results in 7 over-time DII matchup, 1 a.m. final

For the first time the High School Football Championships were a triple-header at Aloha Stadium.

But because Saturday's first game went into seven overtimes, the last game between Kahuku and Saint Louis didn't end until one o'clock Sunday morning.

We called the Hawaii High School Athletic Association and the executive director tells us finishing the state championships as late as it did is a concern, but in sports there are factors that make games run late.

Chris Chun of HHSAA tells us the football committee scheduled a triple header as they looked at venue availability, minimizing missed classes, and maximizing exposure for all student athletes.

In light of Saturday's game, we asked if the association was re-evaluating a triple header for next season.

In a statement Chun says:

"The football committee will continue to look at how we conduct championships in the future and explore ways to deliver the same experience without compromising safety of players and supporters."

Don Quinn, father of St. Louis receiver Mitchell Quinn, says he does not believe the delay threw off the players.

"I think throughout the year the coaches condition the kids they prepare them for all kinds of adjustments," Quinn said.

The Division II Championship was unprecedented with not one but seven overtime periods.

Quinn was waiting with family and friends to see his son play in the open division.

"We were like okay we are going to be awhile," Quinn said.

We asked Quinn if he thinks there should be another triple-header next season.

"I don't because those things can happen no one wants to go home at 1:30 at night," Quinn said. "Spent more time in the parking lot than we wanted to but it was worth it."

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