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Ask a Specialist: Recognizing hunger signals

Why is that giant cinnamon roll really calling you?  Why do you feel like eating an entire bag of potato chips after a super stressful day?  Are you really hungry?  Learn about recognizing your body’s hunger signals and the difference between physical and mental hunger.  What can you do when mental hunger strikes?  Find out with Connice ("Connie") Wang, registered dietitian from the Queen’s Comprehensive Weight Management Program, in this segment of Ask a Specialist on Wake Up 2day.

If you want to get started in losing weight, feeling better and improving obesity-related health issues such as diabetes or high-blood pressure, Connie is part of Queen’s Comprehensive Weight Management program that can help you do just that.  Their team of doctors, dietitians, physical therapists and psychologists are dedicated to helping you lose weight through a variety of means, including individualized meal planning, weight loss surgery and more.  Call 691-7546 or go to

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