Police search for suspect in McCully game room murder

UPDATE: On Saturday, Nov. 26, authorities captured murder suspect Nathaniel Foster in Kalihi. View the full story here.

Police are searching for a murder suspect after a shooting in McCully.

It happened on Poha Lane just after 9 p.m. Wednesday.

EMS officials tell us a 24-year-old man suffered multiple gunshot wounds to his chest and abdomen. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

His name has not yet been released by the medical examiner.

Police sources tell us the business where the shooting happened was an illegal game room.

Neighbors say the unusual sound of gunshots had many going outside to see what happened.

"I heard like firecrackers. Pah, pah, pah! Then, pah, pah, pah!" said a concerned resident who wanted to remain anonymous.

Grace McGregor, who lives across the street from the crime scene, said she heard at least five gunshots.

"After I heard the gunshots, I waited a little while," she told KHON2. "I heard arguments out of that place. I tried looking. There was a guy arguing."

Police sources say the 24-year-old victim and the suspect were employees of the game room, and got into an argument over money. The suspect pulled out a gun and fired several shots into the victim's torso and neck.

We found surveillance footage of the scene at around the time police say the shooting happened. You can see a person in dark clothing walking quickly away from the business. Minutes later, police arrive.

Neighbors say investigators were at the scene all night. Then at around 3 a.m., more investigators arrived to go inside the business.

"I just saw like police trucks loading whatever was in there," McGregor said.

"I'm happy that they did something about that place. That don't belong in my neighborhood or anybody's neighborhood," said the concerned resident.

Neighbors describe the business as "sketchy." It made them very uneasy.

"I'm surprised someone died here, but the shooting? I had a feeling it would be a matter of time, just because of the amount of people going in and out of the place," said area resident Tiffany Ahnee.

"We've been seeing a lot of unsavory individuals going there all hours of the day," said the concerned neighbor. "I work early in the morning. I see all kine people. I had an idea of what's going on over there, something illegal."

Police have yet to release a description of the suspect.

This is the second deadly shooting involving an alleged gaming operation this year.

Back in September, police say Tara Tevaga, 49, died after she was shot in the chest inside Cutie's Cafe in Chinatown during a robbery.

Alabanza Tuimalealiifano, 30, was charged with manslaughter, attempted murder, robbery, and firearms offenses. He's in custody with trial pending.

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