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New details emerge as North Shore murder suspects appear in court

The suspects in the murder of a North Shore woman appeared in court Monday.

Stephen Brown, 23, and Hailey Dandurand, 20, were charged with several counts in connection with the murder of Telma Boinville, 51.

Police say the North Shore woman was found beaten to death in a vacation rental she cleaned while her 8-year-old daughter was tied up in another room in the house.

Visitors from Australia who were supposed to check into the house Thursday found her body.

According to court documents, officers said Boinville's body was bound and lying in a pool of blood with a bloodied hammer, knife, and mallet nearby.

Boinville's husband, Kevin Emery, said his daughter identified the suspects from a photo posted to social media, court documents say. She had told him she was waiting outside in the family truck when a man with green hair and a woman came outside covered in blood, took her into the house, and tied her up.

Court documents say an abandoned backpack just inside the front door contained Brown's state identification card.

View the redacted court documents here.

Both Brown and Dandurand were charged with second-degree murder, burglary, and kidnapping.

Brown was also charged with a probation violation. A bench warrant had been issued for his arrest. His bail was confirmed at $1 million.

Brown's deputy public defender asked the judge if his client could be released. She denied the motion.

Dandurand had an additional charge of unauthorized possession of personal information. According to court documents, officers found Boinville's bank card in Dandurand's front shirt pocket.

Her bail was confirmed at $500,000.

The suspects appeared separately in front of a judge under heavy security. Both remain in custody, unable to post bail.

Neither one spoke in court Monday, however court documents say both "spontaneously uttered" comments to police when they were arrested in Mililani Thursday night.

Documents claim Brown said, "just shoot me, I deserve this," while Dandurand said, "Can you just pull your gun out and shoot me in the head, my life is over after today."

A law expert we spoke with says there are a number of ways the case could play out, but both will likely be facing life in prison.

Ken Lawson, a professor at the University of Hawaii William S. Richardson School of Law, says because of the publicity the case received on social media, attorneys might argue it will be difficult to find a fair jury.

"The defense may argue for a change of venue because of the overwhelming publicity with the case, arguing the client could not get a fair trial unless the case was moved to a different location where jurors are not aware of what is alleged to have happened," he said.

As for what Brown and Dandurand allegedly said during their arrests, those statements could be re-examined during a trial.

"Any defense counsel is probably going to file a motion arguing that the client was insane at the time and also a motion arguing whether or not the client was competent," Lawson said.

Boinville was a teacher at Sunset Elementary School. Many remember her as a loving mother who spent most of her time with family.

Emery tells us their daughter is with him, and this is still a very difficult time for her, but she is strong in spirit. He's thankful to the public for all the support.

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