New lawyers join corruption case involving Kealohas

New lawyers are joining the corruption case involving the Kealohas.

Former chief of police Louis Kealoha has a new lawyer.

He was previously represented by Myles Breiner, who is still representing his deputy prosecutor wife, Katherine.

Meanwhile, criminal defense attorney Michael Green has been hired to represent two people who were children when Katherine Kealoha was guardian for their trust accounts.

In 2004, Katherine Kealoha, as a private attorney, set up separate trust fund accounts for a brother and sister, ages 10 and 12 at the time.

The indictment alleges she misused up to $150,000 to pay for personal expenses.

Kevin Sumida, an attorney for the Kealohas, told us Monday that "the allegations in the indictment concerning the guardianship matter are shockingly inaccurate. There was no wrongdoing, and we understand that the two minors in question, now of legal age, whose trust funds were supposedly stolen, appeared before the grand jury and testified to exactly that."

So why would the brother and sister, now 25 and 24, meet with an attorney?

Green could only confirm he will be representing the brother and sister.

According to court documents, Louis Kealoha has hired attorney Gary Modafferi, a former Honolulu deputy prosecuting attorney who was arrested and charged with distributing crystal methamphetamine to a government informant in 1997.

Green, who represented Modafferi in that case, says Modafferi has moved on from that mistake.

As for why the former police chief hired Modafferi, Green believes there is too much conflict of interest for one lawyer to represent the Kealohas due to the multiple, and separate, criminal charges.

"There are counts Kathy was indicted on the chief wasn't. The lawyer would have to cross-examine, theoretically, the client. There's not a chance in the world the lawyer could do both," Green said.

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