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Lots of cleanup ahead for East Oahu residents

HONOLULU (KHON2) - The cleanup continues for residents in East Oahu. Much of the mud and debris are gone, but it could take several more weeks before their homes are back in order.

Halemaumau Place in Niu Valley looked like a mud bog after the flood. Residents tell us that six cars got swept by the rushing water, and at least four of them are totaled. Rain and mud also rushed into the homes.

"The kitchen was all mud. The playroom, at least two thirds of the way, was mud," said resident Blanche Hattori.

City officials, including acting Mayor Roy Amemiya, inspected the damage earlier Monday.

The Hattori family spent a good part of the weekend cleaning up, but they still have to tear up all the carpet, get rid of some furniture, and disinfect the whole house.

"We cleaned up whatever we could. I didn't sleep for 30 hours straight," said Alan Hattori.

Next door, the Vogel family's pool looks more like a giant mud bath. Their car is one of the six that was swept by rushing water. 

"The inside of the cars filled up with water up to about the seat level and the motor compartments, the engine compartments filled up with debris," said John Vogel.

Residents say Niu Valley Stream, which is just behind their homes, overflowed and sent mud and debris on the road and straight to their homes, so flooding came from two directions. 

Fencing was installed to stop debris from getting into the stream, but that wasn't enough to prevent it from overflowing.

For the Hattoris, the next step is bringing the professionals in to prevent another problem: mold.

"The dry out is the key because the contributors to the mold is really the moisture content and the rubbish combined," said Wayne Rhoden, owner of the company A&W Disaster Recovery.

Cleanup for the Hattori family is estimated at $60,000. They do not have flood insurance. They plan to file a claim with the city.

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