Personal trainers bring physical fitness to homebound kupuna

It's always good to engage in physical activity.

But as you get older, getting to the gym isn't always easy.

Bob and Lillian Nakamura train out of their Manoa home with coach David Patterson. It's a workout tailored specifically for them.

Bob turns 93 next month. Lillian is 86 and living with Parkinson's disease.

"With Parkinson's, if you don't have exercises, (it's) the only remedy to keep yourself from deteriorating, so this is God sent," Lillian Nakamura said.

Like many seniors, getting to the gym is a real challenge for the Nakamuras.

So instead, the gym comes to them. GymGuyz is private-pay service that specializes in individual workouts.

"We're convenient, we're customized, and we're creative. So you don't have to get up, get dressed, go to the gym," said owner Debbie Kim Morikawa.

Many seniors who come out of rehab are often limited to the amount of visits insurance will cover. Once they plateau, they're discharged, even if they're not at a functional level.

"We're a perfect fit for after physical therapy to have us come to the home. We can work with you to get you stronger again, and it's all about maintaining your independence," said Morikawa.

"David comes to help us every week, and we just love him because he brings lots of joy and he's helping us keep healthy," said Lillian Nakamura.

Nakamura says she's maintaining her health while feeling great and having fun.

Click here for more information on GymGuyz.

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