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Get paid $100 to get stung by box jellyfish

A new UH study is searching for the best ways to treat painful jellyfish stings. They're looking for people willing to be paid $100 to get stung.

"I just remember crying a lot and I remember they put like charcoal where I got stung and I fell asleep," said Pua Palakiko.

Beachgoers tell us they've used everything from sea water to vinegar to ease the painful sting from box jellyfish.

Lead researcher Dr. Angel Yanagihara is looking to find a first-aid treatment.

"Optomized first-aid can prevent a simple sting that's localized from becoming a life threatening situation," said Dr. Angel Yanagihara, lead researcher of the study.

The study will compare different methods of treating box jellyfish stings to find the best option for treatment. 

Yanagihara says that the clinical trial will require participants to get stung by a tentacle one centimeter long. Things like a cold or hot compress, vinegar, coca cola and even a new topical spray and cream that researchers developed will then be tested on participants. She says that the test is safe because of the small dosage they're using.
"We know the maximum dose that could be delivered by this small portion of tentacle over the whole body size of an individual," 
said Yanagihara.

She says that this test is important so that beach lifeguards will know what to do with patients who have been stung.

"It's important to us here in Hawaii of course, Yanagihara said. "We have tourism, we want to be able to provide our residents, our visitors with scientifically proven first aid."

To participate in the study, you can contact Cori Watanabe at (808) 692-1654 or e-mail corit@hawaii.edu. 

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