Honoring Eddie Aikau on the 40th anniversary of his disappearance

Legendary waterman, Eddie Aikau disappeared 40 years ago.

The Aikau ohana gathered at Waimea Bay Saturday for a small paddle-out and pule to celebrate Eddie and remember the sacrifice he made.

"It's been 40 years since Eddie got lost at sea, and it was March 17th," said Clyde Aikau, Eddie's brother. "You know, Hokulea was in the Molokai channel and Eddie went to go get help to save his crew."

The Hokulea had flipped over.  The crew was thrown into the Kaiwi channel. 

Later that night, the crew was rescued. One by one, brought to safety. 

Everyone, but Eddie. 

Having Hokulea in Waimea Bay was symbolic for the Aikau ohana.
It was Eddie's dream to sail to Tahiti on Hokulea and he called the crew his family.

"We're blessed that Nainoa (Thompson) and the crew brought the Hokulea in for today in this bay, which is very spiritual," said Eddie's brother Solomon. "It was Eddies place to surf."

The Aikau ohana said the celebration wasn't about closure, they accept what happened.
It's about much more.

"Eddie represents life," Solomon said. "Eddie, he represents our culture. Eddie represents what it is to care about people."

"We need to look at ourselves... and say what did we do in 40 years, to live in the legacy of Eddie Aikau to help other people and not expect anything back," Clyde said.  "There's a lot of mana in the air. A lot on mana in the park. A lot of mana in the water and it's all about Eddies legacy and what he was all about."

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