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Hawaii family wins grand prize on 'Family Feud'

Turns out, the fifth time was a charm for a Hawaii Kai family.

The Schaefers emerged victorious in their five-day run on the popular game show "Family Feud."

As we first told you back in May, parents Ron and Kathy, and kids, Renee, Eric, and Amber, filmed the shows back in May. An audition video showcasing their outgoing, bubbly personalities caught the attention of casting directors, and the family traveled to Atlanta to compete.

But they had to keep mum about the results until the episodes aired. In their final show, which aired Wednesday on KHON2, they won the grand prize, a new car.

The Schaefers point out, those wins didn't come easy and there were several nail-biting moments when victory appeared bleak. In Wednesday's episode, for example, they were down 216-0, until they stole the final round to trigger a sudden-death match.

"At one point, it looks like we're completely lost and all of a sudden, it's sudden death and boom, (my wife) hits the button," Ron Schaefer said with a chuckle. "We were as surprised as anyone. We were convinced we were going to lose. You kind of feel sorry for the other team."

"That was the most scary and exciting part," said Renee Schaefer. "It was just so awesome that my mom came through for all of us. It brought us closer as a family and it gave us a sense of accomplishment. It was just cool to succeed together."

The Schaefers say competing on the show was an eye-opening experience, and that includes meeting other families.

"In the brief time we spent talking to each other behind the scenes, we made a real connection with them and realized how nice they were. My son has kept in touch with a few people he met on the show," said Ron Schaefer.

"Something that was so charming about some of the other families was that they would say some of their answers in a funny way, and we were cracking up pretty hard," said Renee Schaefer. "It makes us wish we could have gotten some more jokes in there, but really, you can't ask for anything better (than what we already got)."

After all was said and done, the Schaefers racked up $67,520 in prize money which, after taxes, will be split among Renee, Eric, and Amber.

But no matter the results, the Schaefers knew they would have something priceless to take home.

"Even if we won the money, it doesn't matter. Twenty to 30 years from now, that money will be gone, but the memory will always be there," said Ron Schaefer. "This can be something that we look back and talk about and laugh about, and this will be a treasured memory that we'll always have."

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