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Ducati motorcycle among hundreds of unclaimed, abandoned vehicles up for auction

UPDATE: A record percentage of vehicles were sold at this week's auction.

Out of 347 unclaimed vehicles, 101 were sold, which netted $9,696 for the city's general fund. The money will go toward repairing roads, improving parks, even helping the homeless.

The next auction will be held July 5 and 6.

This Wednesday and Thursday, the City and County of Honolulu will be auctioning off more than 300 abandoned and unclaimed vehicles.

The list includes a 2017 Chevy sedan, a 2014 Hyundai station wagon, and a 2013 Ducati motorcycle.

The final day to preview the unclaimed vehicles is Tuesday, and for the abandoned vehicles, Wednesday.

The minimum bid is $50 plus towing and storage.

Buyer beware, you aren't allowed open up the vehicles or take them for a test drive, so whether they work or not, you'll have to buy the vehicle to find out.

Not everything sells. Only 77 vehicles were sold during last month's auction — about a quarter of the 331 available — which brought in a total of $8,416.01.

The vehicles that don't sell become the property of the tow contractor, who can sell or scrap them.

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