Crews will use crack seal to repair, extend life of city roads in Aiea

The city Department of Facility Maintenance will apply crack seal and seal coating to 17 lane miles of city roads in Aiea.

The work begins on Wednesday, June 21, and is scheduled to be completed by the end of September.

Crack sealing is a preventative measure to extend the life of a road and is cheaper than repaving.

Before the topical seal coat, or slurry seal, is added, crews fill in the cracks, which creates squiggly, black lines on the surface.

"It prevents water from getting down into the subgrade or the base," said Tim Sakahara, Department of Transportation spokesman, "because once the water gets down there into the base area, that's when damage can form. Potholes can form."

State workers used crack seal on Oahu's H-1 Freeway last year. However, no seal coating was applied on the freeway since it can wear off with so many cars driving over it.

"It won't affect the driving or surface. It's not bumpy or shouldn't be bumpy in anyway," Sakahara said.

"Sometimes when you're driving and you don't have the clear, white lines, you can kind of get confused at times," said Aiea resident Richard Torres.

Ross Sasamura, director of the city Department of Facility Maintenance, says the appearance of crack sealing has been a concern for some people, "but it is something that is designed to extend the life of pavement, so we hope that it will at least provide some benefit in allowing people to drive on better roads over the next few years."

The work schedule will be Mondays through Fridays, 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. "No Parking Tow Away" signs will be posted on two separate dates for each roadway location.

The first date will be for crack sealing work, and once this work is completed for each roadway location, there will be a second date scheduled for work to apply seal coat treatment.

For crack sealing work, "No Parking Tow Away" signs will be posted a minimum of 48 hours in advance. There will be no lane closures as traffic will be routed around work crews installing crack seal along the roadway.

For seal coat treatment, residents and businesses will be notified by mail at least two weeks prior to the date of the scheduled work. "No Parking Tow Away" signs will be posted a minimum of 48 hours in advance. Illegally parked vehicles may be towed at the owners' expense.

During seal coat treatment work, motorists are advised that roadways scheduled for work will be closed for the entire work day, and no traffic will be allowed until 3:30 p.m. Motorists are advised to plan accordingly for these roadway closures.

Motorists are also reminded to observe and obey all traffic controls, posted signs and special duty police officers. Drivers should avoid unnecessary travel through the area, consider alternate routes when possible and anticipate delays.

The project will include the reconstruction of damaged pavement areas, crack sealing, seal coating, and installation of permanent pavement markings and vehicle loop sensors as needed.

The contractor for the project, Alakona Corp, will coordinate and manage local traffic. Please call Alakona Corp at 833-1991 or construction manager Parsons Brinckerhoff at 566-2252 with any questions or concerns.

Some of the roads have degraded past the point of crack sealing.

"Those actually require repaving, so there will be a separate contract and a separate contractor that will go through and reconstruct those roadways," Sasamura said.

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