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City listens to community input on improving the Blaisdell

The city wants to upgrade the Blaisdell Center and wants to hear what the community thinks.

The first public meeting was held Tuesday.

The city has already hired consultants to help come up with a master plan.

The thought being if you improve it, they will come.

"We're trying to make it so it becomes self sustaining because if you have concerts and educational seminars or whatever you can bring from around the world then hopefully this facility can help pay for itself," said Council Member Ann Kobayashi.

The Blaisdell Complex includes an arena, an exhibition hall, a concert hall, meeting rooms and a parking structure. It's where concerts, expos and craft fairs are held.

With a rail station planned for a few blocks away the city felt now's the time to start thinking about improving the Blaisdell, and making it a self-sustaining, revenue generating facility.


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