Caught on camera: Armed robber hits Domino's Pizza as brazen crimes on the rise

A chilling robbery was caught on camera in Pearl City.

At around 9:48 p.m. on Wednesday, April 19, the Domino's Pizza on Kuala Street was robbed. It happened just before two employees closed up shop.

In the footage, you can see a man in a black hoodie with a bandana covering his face pointing what appears to be a gun at the manager.

He grabs her, places the gun to the back of her head, and orders her to get in the store's walk-in cooler. The other employee was also shoved in.

The robber then worked quickly, stealing cash from the register. He also tried to steal money from the store's safe.

The employees managed to free themselves and call 911. Police responded within minutes, but by the time officers arrived, the robber was gone.

The franchise's owner says he's grateful no one was hurt, but hopes that sharing the surveillance video will prompt someone to come forward and help catch the criminal.

The robbery was "a traumatic experience for the team members working hard to afford Hawaii, and this guy terrorized them over very little money," Mike Rompel said in a statement. "Today's business is virtually all credit cards and it makes no sense to put workers through this trauma."

According to the Honolulu Police Department's CrimeMapping tool, there have been more than 300 reported robberies on Oahu in the last six months.

Tina Yamaki of Retail Merchants of Hawaii says the rise in brazen robberies is happening statewide.

"Since last year, the state raised the felony charge from $350 to $750," she said. "A lot of our stores are seeing an increase in crime. They're no longer stealing $300; they're stealing double that.

"I don't think people realize that, they think it's a store, they must have a lot of cash. Nowadays a lot of people use debit cards and credit cards. It's not a lot of cash in the drawers," she added.

Rompel says the suspect is between 5'8" and 5'10" with a slender build.

"Hawaii is being terrorized by these criminals and only the community can solve this problem," he said. "We stand together with all of the other workers of Hawaii that want to end these crimes which will keep our neighbors safe and our police safe. We want to thank KHON for helping get the word out that this is happening more and more in our neighborhoods and the community has more eyes than just the police on their own. Thank God nobody was hurt, but we have to do our part to stop these criminals."

If you have any information on the robbery, call police.

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