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Attorney general's office seeks answers to city's new bike-share program

Bike share stations are beginning to pop up all over urban Honolulu.

Next up is Kapiolani Park.

While there were cars parked along part of Kalakaua Avenue near Kaimana Beach on Wednesday, come Friday a new bike share dock will be installed.

It will be one of 10 bike share stations that are set to be put up around Kapiolani Park.

According to the city, the stations will eliminate nine to 10 parking spaces and hold 92 bikes.

Alethea Rebman, president of the Kapiolani Park Preservation Society, says she has concerns about the placement of the bike docks.

"Our main concern is that it doesn't fit with the Kapiolani Park Trust, which forbids exclusive use of park land especially for commercial business," Rebman said.

These concerns were raised in a letter to the city by the deputy attorney general, asking the city to identify whether or not the bike stations were within the boundaries of the trust property.

City Department of Transportation Services director Jon Nouchi said in a statement, "The city has determined that providing bike share in Kapiolani Park is an acceptable use of the park lands."

Rebman says even though the bike share is a non-profit, she's worried parking is being taken away in order for what she sees as a business being run on public land.

"If you have to pay to use that beyond the nominal fee to park users who currently have to pay for parking, and you were operating a business on park land that is excluding the public, and that's our concern," she said.

Honolulu City Council chairman Ron Menor says he supports the bike share program, but shares some of the same concerns.

"I think that there is an adamant concern that the placement of the racks could violate the terms of the trust, because people may be encouraged to park their vehicles at the parking areas and take their bikes into Waikiki, whereas in the terms of the trust, the parking lot is supposed to be used only for the benefit of park users," Menor said.

Click here for an interactive map of the new bike share locations on Oahu.

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