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32-year-old Oahu man accused of using Instagram to lure a child into his home for sex

KHON2 (HONOLULU) - An Oahu man is accused of using social media to prey on a minor.

The accusations are spelled out in a federal indictment detailing how the suspect got the 15 year old into his apartment.

The investigation revealed this might not have been the only time, and that's when federal authorities stepped in. 

In March, Dustin Trey Miyakawa reportedly used Instagram to lure the teenaged girl into his home. 

Posing as a photographer, the 32-year-old man used Instagram to lure the 15-year-old to his home. 

Miyakawa is accused of photographing the minor nude, then offering her money in exchange for sex. 

When she refused, he threatened to extort her. 

The girl contacted the Honolulu Police Department. An investigation into Miyakawa uncovered similar accusations involving children in Washington State. 

In 2006, court documents reveal Miyakawa was convicted for crimes involving the luring of minors. 

Miyakawa reportedly walked up to groups of young females, offering to pay them cash for their time. 

A police report detailed an officer's narrative as he responded to calls Miyakawa was luring women as young as eleven years old:

"During this incident, an unknown 20-year-old Asian male walked into Middle School and contacted a group of students outside the girls' locker room. The suspect asked the girls if they would answer some questions for $500. One of the girls, 11-year-old, agreed and went into the girls locker room alone with the suspect after he showed the girls $500 in cash. 

(Miyakawa) went into a shower stall with the suspect and he closed the shower curtain once they were inside. The suspect asked her how old she was and what grade she was in. He then offered her $500 to make out with him. [MF] said she did not want to make out with the suspect and tried to leave the shower stall. When she did this, the suspect grabbed her by her arm and would not allow her to leave. Another girl, [], walked in and opened the shower curtain, telling the suspect that the interview was over. [MF] said the suspect continued to hold her arm when she tried to leave []. The suspect did let go and told her she would not be getting the money. The suspect then walked out of the locker room and fled the school on foot when he saw that people were chasing him."

HPD contacted federal authorities. 

Kenji Price, US Attorney for the District of Hawaii, said the prior conviction leads local authorities to believe there may be more victims. 

"We're asking members of the public who may be victims or who have information of additional victims to contact the FBI," he said. 

Price is cracking down on sexual predators. 

"The sexual exploitation of minors as a general matter is intolerable, and pursuing these cases for federal prosecution is a high priority of my office," he said. 

Miyakawa was indicted by a federal jury Wednesday morning for attempted enticement and coercion of a minor, solicitation of a minor for a commercial sex act, and attempted production of child pornography. 

He is scheduled to appear in court on May 17 for an arraignment and plea on the charges, where a trial date will be scheduled. 

If convicted, Miyakawa faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years in prison and up to a $250,000 fine for the sex trafficking and child pornography charges, and a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years in prison and up to a $250,000 fine for enticement of a minor.

The FBI is asking members of the public who may be victims in this case, or have information about additional victims in this case, to contact the FBI at Studio2Victims@fbi.gov (link sends e-mail) or 1-800-CALL FBI (1-800-225-5324).

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