Re-do your outdoor space with a "container" garden

Geobunga - Get Green: Re-do your outdoor space with a "container" garden

Are you looking to spruce up your home or outdoor space?  How about trying a "container" garden?  A container garden is a collection of plants in any type of vessel.  It could be an old milk jug, a paint can, a bucket, or beautiful pot.  It's anything planted in a container instead of the ground.   The great thing about container gardens is that you can do them anywhere.  In your entryway, on your lanai, on your front porch, in a window - really just about anywhere!  Andrew Dedrick with Geobunga joins us in studio with some tips on how to select your plants and build your own garden.

Event Details

Date/Time: Water Lily Workshops, April 4 and April 11, 9am - 10am

Location: Geobunga Windward and Geobunga Salt Lake

For more info, go to:

Please see their website for other workshop schedules.  All workshops are free.

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